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Ways to Volunteer

Mentor | 01 

Mentors are the foundation of our program. We strive to pair each participant with a mentor who simply walks with them on their journey through class and beyond. Mentors generally meet on Tuesday mornings and share life and wisdom gained in learning and living. We always need more mentors. 

Teach | 02 

CWJC.CMJC seeks to provide educational opportunities to our participants in order to develop their personal and professional skills. We need high quality teaching professional to instruct our students in areas such as financial literacy, personal development, job skills, computer skills, and Bible study. 

Volunteer | 03 

CWJC.CMJC relies on the generous support of volunteers to provide encouragement, meals, snacks, lunch money and many other things. We can't do it with out you!

To see more or discuss possible volunteer opportunities let's talk >>

Way | 01

Way | 02

  Way | 03

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